We provide the following services to you:

1- Videography (DP)
2- Photography 
3- Drone  Photography/Videography
4- Video editing
5-Editing photo/Cover/Poster 

Org nr: 921 160 011
Registrert i MVA: Ja

 Message (SMS): 47739398
We warmly welcome you to our office in Bergen  for a closer introduction.
Alternatively, we arrange a meeting at your offices or digitally if it is preferred.

Thank you!
Farshid Amini
Farshid Amini
Videograph, Photograph & Editor

Andreas H Grønner
Photograph & Videograph
Feedback from customers
Behind Amini Production are creative people with a genuine interest in creating a product that the customer can be proud to convey. We warmly recommend Amin Production.
Synnøve Eide 
Bergen internasjonale Kultursenter
As an artist I love working with amini production very creative the editing the coloring it’s a different vision I work with many company’s all over the world but I have to say Amini production is The one.
Abba Karib
our customers
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